Glass Screen Display

Glass Screen Display

Laminated glass; holographic foil laminated between two glass plates with anti-reflection coating insensitive to distracting light, brilliant and high contrast pictures. High-transparent screen, homogenous light transmission can be used as a frameless screen, great viewing angle high durability UV-resistant easy to clean, usable for outdoor-use available from 2m x 7m with polarized light usable for 3D projection.


Acryl screen with laminated, holographic projection foil. And diffusing cover foil lightweight low-priced, Holographic Film can be laminated on single acrylic or poly carbonate materials of different thickness it means you can easily create or make your own screen. The size can be 2m x 3m without any lines. The Holographic Film can be combined together to make large screens, without visible attachment lines.


Flying hologram in glass gives wow factor


Excellent brand recognition


Live person hologram possible in window


High attractive advertisement


Hologram gives new brand identity


Hologram in day light and night possible


High technology driven advertisement for company branding