65" Infrared Touch Frame

65" Infrared Touch Frame


  • 10/16/20 multi touch point
  • 4096x4096 Resolution, USB Interface
  • Withstands severe environments
  • Stable, no-drift calibration performance
  • Material is tempered glass with high light transmittance
  • Finger, gloved hand and touch pen activation
  • Operable in various light conditions, indoor and outdoor
  • Our products have passed CE, FCC, ROHS certification!


Main specification

Touch Screen Size 65"
Touch Activation Force No pressure required
Luminous Transmission >92%(100% with no glass)
Reported Touch Resolution Without Driver: 32768*32768
Touch Response Time(Multi touch) 10-15ms
Touch Response Time(One touch) 7ms
Minimum Recognition Point Size 4mm*4mm
Touch Object Size Recognition Yes
Interface Socket type USB cable 1.5 m, socket type 5P

Electrical Specification

Touch Refresh Rate ≥ 110Hz
Communication USB 2.0 Full Speed
PowerSupply Mode USB*1
Working Voltage DC 5.0V±5%
Average Current ≤200mA
Power Cunsumption ≤ 1.0W
LED Lifetime 60000hours
Fault-tolerant Able to work if less than 10% non-consecutive sensors are damaged

Environmental Specification

Humidity Up to 90% RH from 0°C to +40°C, non-condensing
Temperature Range Working temperature:-10??????50???
Storage temperature:-20??????60???
ESD EN 6100-4-2 2008:3 level.4KV contact discharge and 8KV air discharge
Anti-light Interference Excellent

Software Specification

Firmware Upgrade USB Upgrade: Windows 8,Windows 7
Support OS(Multi touch) Windows10,Windows8,Windows7,Andriod
Support OS (One touch) WindowsXP,MacOS.Linux
  Ratio Outline(mm) Active Area(mm) Thickness(mm) Touch point
  16:9 1471.4*846.4 1430*805 10.0 10/16/20