65 cm Hologram Display

65 cm Hologram Display


Resolution :512px *512px                                      

Max. Display Dimension:62.5x62.5 cm              

Output voltage : AC 100-240V             
Input: 12v
Lifetime: More than 50000 hrs
LED quantity: 256pcs LEDs                                           

Remote Control: Available
1x Remote Control
1x AC Adapter 100-240v
2x setscrews
Warranty: 1 year

1.Control: Wifi Connection with APP on smart devices  and PC (Available for both Android and IOS)                                                                                       
2. Upload content: By APP (Android and IOS)  and PC
3.Content format: MP4, JPEG,jpg, gif, ,avi,rmvb,mpeg,,jpeg,png,,rmvb,mkv,wmv,mov,flv
4. 3D video with black background
5. Hologram: support multiple videos   
6. Play: loop playback
7. APP function: control, set up playing time, upload content and DIY logo